Quote of the Week 3/17/2017



I believe this quote has meaning to my life at this very moment. This quote can be used in several aspects in many peoples lives including my own. Such as getting into shape, chasing your dreams, finding a better job, ending a relationship that you are not satisfied with anymore. Those are just a few examples this quote can be used for and many pertain to my life.

I’ve recently been trying my hardest to pass my Spanish class. I have taken six years of Spanish and I still can’t speak a lick of it. It’s very stressful but in order to better myself and reach my end goals I need to pass this class and move forward. I will party hard the day I pass this class and will be officially done taking these classes! It’s a beautiful language but I just cannot seem to grasp or maintain the vocabulary.  But hopefully I will be done soon.

I have a great job that pays me really well. I met some great friends and some awesome kiddos through my job. The company that I work for on the other hand is not the greatest but they work with my school schedule and like I said they do pay me well but not nearly enough for what I do. Or really anyone who works there.

Keeping my head up is the goal. That is the main goal I strive for every day. Life is hard but I will make it through and so will you.



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