Quote of the Week 3/17/2017



I believe this quote has meaning to my life at this very moment. This quote can be used in several aspects in many peoples lives including my own. Such as getting into shape, chasing your dreams, finding a better job, ending a relationship that you are not satisfied with anymore. Those are just a few examples this quote can be used for and many pertain to my life.

I’ve recently been trying my hardest to pass my Spanish class. I have taken six years of Spanish and I still can’t speak a lick of it. It’s very stressful but in order to better myself and reach my end goals I need to pass this class and move forward. I will party hard the day I pass this class and will be officially done taking these classes! It’s a beautiful language but I just cannot seem to grasp or maintain the vocabulary.  But hopefully I will be done soon.

I have a great job that pays me really well. I met some great friends and some awesome kiddos through my job. The company that I work for on the other hand is not the greatest but they work with my school schedule and like I said they do pay me well but not nearly enough for what I do. Or really anyone who works there.

Keeping my head up is the goal. That is the main goal I strive for every day. Life is hard but I will make it through and so will you.



A little about me.

  • 17190389_1491040290915387_8835047057111110174_nMy name is Samantha
  • I am a psychology major
  • I am a registered behavior technician
  • I work with kiddos who have a diagnosis of autism
  • I have been doing this for almost 3 years
  • Someday when I am able to I would like to open my own non profit clinic and provide ABA therapy to kids who need it.
  • I have about one year of school left and I’ll have my bachelors degree.
  • I live in Sumter, SC.
  • This is a small town in South Carolina and there’s not much to do but I love it.
  • I am from a military family but I was blessed and have been in Sumter since I was 3.
  • I don’t have many friends but the few that I have are AMAZING!
  • My life revolves around school and work but I like to spend my free time doing my makeup and testing out new products that come out.
  • Hence this blog lol
  • Rejection is probably my worst fear.
  • It gives me anxiety from time to time.
  • Converse and Keds are my favorite types of shoes.
  • Even her new stuff.
  • She is amazing.
  • Ed Sheeran is also a favorite of mine
  • Along with all time low, a rocket to the moon, mayday parade, and a day to remember.
  • A rocket to the moon is my favorite pandora station.
  • My favorite colors are shades of blue and yellow.
  • The beach is my happy place.
  • One day I will have a beach house. That is one of my main goals in life.
  • TJ Maxx is one of my favorite stores. That is the first place I will go if I need anything
  • Oh and I am 23 years old.
  • If I can think of more I will add to it!

TooFaced Cat Eyes Pallet!

Filmed a new look using the Toofaced Cat Eyes Pallet and I want to write a review on the product. I bought this at TJ Maxx for $14.99 which was much cheaper than it goes for else where! Super great find that day 🙂 There are 9 shadows and 3 of them are wet/dry shadows. This pallet has 3 matte shades and 6 shimmery/glittery shades…3 of each. I have yet to try the shades wet but dry they are gorgeous! They are buttery and smooth and everything I dreamed of. I’ve been looking at this pallet for a bit and I am super glad I picked it up. To see a tutorial using this pallet just watch my video above! If you like it and want to see more videos be sure to subscribe to my channel! 🙂

PS: I totally know I spelled physicians wrong on the screen.

Rainbow highlighter!

Wet and Wild Rainbow Highlighter Unicorn Glow

This highlighter is absolutely stunning. I swatched it when I bought a few days ago and it swatched very well! I put this on my face very carefully and the highlight was gorgeous! I’m not sure how many times I will actually wear this product but I do love it 🙂 I thought it would have been very gimicky but my thoughts were so wrong! Unicorn glow is a very good name for this product. I will have to take a picture with this on my face to show you guys what it looks like on the skin. Here are a few pictures of the actual product after I swatched the product and used it for the first time 🙂

Wet and Wild Rainbow Highlighter Unicorn Glow

Be Yourself!


Hey guys! My name is Sam and I love makeup! 🙂 I have a YouTube account where I upload videos of makeup looks that I have done. I also do reviews of products and hauls when new makeup comes out. In this picture I am wearing the Balm lipstick in loyal! It held up pretty good through out the day and I was very impressed with the longevity and color pay off. 🙂 I also did a first impression of the limited edition Lorac pallet Dance ‘Til Dawn. I am waiting for my memory card adapter to come in so I can edit and upload the video. If you are interested in watching and possibly learning some tips here is my YouTube account!



Quote of the week!

Since we are now in 2017 I think this quote is great for setting new goals and resolutions. I set many resolutions this year to better myself. My first goal as many others was to lose weight and tone my body. To make this goal a realization I joined a gym and I am working with a personal trainer twice a week. Another goal I set was to spend more time working on my school assignments and do better with my classes. Those are the two main goals I wish to complete this year. A better me makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning 🙂